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Suggested District 19 Coordinator Guidelines

UPDATED 9-1-14 (Download as PDF)

District Representative

  1. Duties of District Representative are listed in the WSO Service Manual

Alternate District Representative:

  1. Leads district meeting in the absence of the DR.
  2. Attends Area Assembly and Committee meetings in absence of the DR
  3. Fills the DR position in the event the current DR is not able to complete the 3 year term.
  4. Requests and schedules district workshops.
  5. Must have been or is currently a Group Representative. See service manual for requirements to be a DR.
  6. Attends all district business meetings.


  1. Handles all district collections and funds.
  2. Issues receipts for contributions made to the district.
  3. Requests second signature from district approved representative prior to distribution of checks.
  4. Promptly pays bills for expenses approved by the district.
  5. Maintain current and accurate checkbook and accounting books.
  6. Maintain up-to-date spreadsheet for group and other donations made to the district.
  7. Maintain a duplicate copy of treasurer’s records.
  8. Give oral reports at all district meetings and make copies of reports as requested.
  9. Submit report to Alanews Coordinator including a list of group donations.
  10. Pick up district treasurer mail.
  11. Keep signature cards current with the bank.
  12. Maintain a supply of expense vouchers.
  13. Will serve a 3 year term as active treasurer and a 3 year term as past treasurer to guide incoming treasurer.
  14. Submits books for annual audit to the Budget Committee. Audit will be completed by the end of February.
  15. Files Federal IRS and State Board of Equalization forms and payments.
  16. Coordinate deposits and expenses with Literature Coordinator.
  17. Meet with incoming treasurer prior to new term to turn over checkbook, books, and review job description.
  18. Keep a copy of literature sales as submitted by Literature Coordinator.
  19. Attends all district business meetings.
  20. Having some bookkeeping and/or accounting experience would be helpful.


  1. Attends all district business meetings to take minutes.
  2. Submits copies of minutes from previous district meeting for GRs approval.
  3. Calls roll of voting members before and after the break to ensure accurate voting.
  4. Maintain a record of motions/actions passed or failed.

Alateen Coordinator

  1. Chair Alateen sponsor workshops.
  2. Make frequent contact with Alateen meetings and sponsors.
  3. Encourage Alateen participation at district meetings.
  4. Cooperate with district Public Information Coordinator for activities that include Alateen participation.
  5. Contact NCWSA Alateen Coordinator for area Alateen activities.
  6. Encourage Al-Anon members to start Alateen meetings and become Alateen sponsors.
  7. Assist Alateen meetings in getting started.
  8. Attend NOCAC.
  9. Assist Al-Anon members interested in becoming Alateen meeting sponsors through the background check process.
  10. Attend all district business meetings and provide a report.
  11. Send upcoming Alateen events to the Alanews Coordinator to be published in Alanews.

Archives Coordinator

  1. Assemble and maintain memorabilia and other historic district items.
  2. Assist in preserving district records.
  3. Prepare an inventory list and location to store archives.
  4. Attend all district business meetings and provide a report.
  5. Maintain a copy of minutes to be stored in archives.

Diversity Coordinator

  1. Definition: inclusion of different types of people including race and culture.
  2. Act as a liaison between culturally and/or racially different groups regarding district information, upcoming Al-Anon events both in the district and area.
  3. Encourage participation beyond the group level.
  4. Attend all district business meetings

Group Records Coordinator

  1. Receives district record information from WSO and NCWSA.
  2. Sends changes to group records to NCWSA and WSO.
  3. Keep current group records.
  4. Communicates with GRs for changes in group information.
  5. Assists GRs with completing the group information change form.
  6. Assist groups with registering and/or submitting changes of group information.
  7. Attend all district business meetings.

Institutions Coordinator

  1. Does outreach to institutions currently not receiving information about Al-Anon.
  2. Serves juvenile halls, jails, prison, hospitals, recovery centers, and battered women’s’ shelters with Al-Anon information, speakers, literature, and Al-Anon panels during the 3 year term.
  3. Cooperates with Salvation Army, 11th Hour, and CAP which are current institutions be served by the district.
  4. Cooperates with Public Information, Special Events, and Alateen Coordinators.
  5. Assists with requests for new institutions projects.
  6. Is knowledgeable of literature and informational tools from WSO.
  7. Contacts area Institutions Coordinator for area institutions activities.
  8. Attends all district business meetings and provides a report.
  9. Contacts Alanews Coordinator to publish upcoming events in the Alanews.

Literature Coordinator

  1. Maintains a supply of frequently ordered literature.
  2. Places orders with WSO to restock items as needed.
  3. Places special orders as requested.
  4. Maintains a record of literature sales and submits a copy to the treasurer.
  5. Coordinates with treasurer to transfer funds for deposit and request checks for literature orders.
  6. Maintains an inventory list.
  7. Cooperates with Public Information, Institutions, and Alateen Coordinators to provide literature for events.
  8. Attends all district business meetings to provide a report and/or sell literature
  9. Schedule hours and location of the literature storage location for members to purchase literature.
  10. Send scheduled hours of sales and location to Alanews and Meeting List Coordinators to be printed in each publication.

Meeting List Coordinator

  1. Communicate with Group Records Coordinator to establish a current meeting list.
  2. Print meetings lists as needed to be distributed at the district meetings.
  3. Attends all district business meetings and provide a report.

Alanews Coordinator

  1. To share experience, strength, and hope of the district through a bi-monthly, printed newsletter.
  2. Email the newsletter to confidential list of Al-Anon members.
  3. Request information from district coordinators to include in the newsletter.
  4. Provide copies of the current Alanews at the district meetings.
  5. Set and announce deadlines for members to submit information so the Alanews can be sent and printed in a timely manner.
  6. Helpful experience for this position would be familiar with a page layout program such as Adobe in Design, Microsoft Publisher, or Apple’s Pages program. Also be comfortable with using email and attachments.
  7. Attend all district business meetings and provide a report.
  8. Coordinate with treasurer to submit funds from subscriptions and submit an expenses voucher for printing costs.

Website Coordinator

  1. Maintain current district information on the website including meeting list, hotline number, and literature purchase information.
  2. Request information from coordinators to include on the district calendar.
  3. Communicate with area website coordinator to include area information.
  4. Attend all district business meetings to provide a report
  5. Provide website address to Meeting list, Alanews, and Hotline Coordinators.

Public Information/Cooperation with Professional Community

  1. Willingness to carry the message of Al-Anon to the public and professional communities.
  2. Use a variety of means to carry the message such as providing a WSO approved Public Service Announcement (PSA) DVD to local radio/TV stations.
  3. Request space for Al-Anon information in hospital workrooms, school workrooms, fire and police depts…
  4. Arrange Al-Anon information panels to be part of office meetings with professionals such as lawyers, emergency room staffs, urgent care staffs, etc.
  5. Communicate with area public information coordinator for area events.
  6. Serves as the district contact person to the public and professional communities.
  7. Become familiar with the G-29 information regarding guidelines for public outreach.
  8. Attend all district business meetings to provide a report and request volunteers for upcoming public outreach events.

Speaker Meeting Coordinator

  1. Asks current members to volunteer to speak at the meeting.
  2. Arranges a meeting place.
  3. Supplies refreshments.
  4. Pays for use of meeting place.
  5. Collects 7th tradition to submit to the district treasurer.
  6. Attend all district business meetings to provide a report and request volunteers to speak.
  7. Submits voucher for reimbursement for refreshments.

Special Events Coordinator

  1. Develop and suggest fundraising events.
  2. Coordinate with other district coordinators to be sure the event doesn’t conflict with other district/area events.
  3. Arrange a meeting space for the event.
  4. Oversee set up and cleanup of meeting space.
  5. Requests payment for meeting space from treasurer.
  6. Events may include members of A.A. and Alateen.
  7. Develop a flyer for the event to distribute at the district meetings.
  8. Submit a sign-up sheet for volunteers needed for the event.
  9. Submit an expense voucher for reimbursement of supplies purchased for the event within the budget allotted by the district.
  10. Submit funds to the treasurer after the event and provides a financial statement of funds raised at the event after expenses.
  11. Maintains a file of previous events held in the district.
  12. Attends all district business meetings to provide a report.

Hotline Coordinator

  1. Maintain phone recording for the hotline number 559-265-3560 in English and Spanish. If you don’t speak Spanish ask for an assistant to make the recording.
  2. Check the number periodically to make sure it’s working.
  3. Maintain a list of current volunteers including info that may be needed when they receive a call.
  4. Prepare mailings to all volunteers, as needed, to include any changes, an introduction note if you are new, new information list, new meeting list, and Alanews.
  5. Send new directions to agencies and recovery centers listed on the information list.
  6. Have info ready to send to people who want to start a new meeting. G-12, G-13, and P-24 are helpful.
  7. Have a meeting list and pamphlets ready to send as requested by professionals such as social workers and school nurses.
  8. Attends all district business meetings.


In the event that a coordinator is unable to attend a district business meeting, the alternate will attend.

Currently, the district meeting format is business meetings and workshops alternating months so there are 6 business meetings and 6 workshops.